Java Architecture for Binary Binding (JABB)

05/09/2018 12:15 Australian Central Standard Time (South Australia)

The JABB library converts Java objects to a binary representation and vice versa based on annotations, a.k.a serialization. It is a mechanism very similar to those that serialize from and to XML or JSON, and it is supposed to be much simpler than ASN.1 and one of the encodings associated with it (BER, DER, etc.). The process gets guided by annotations that uniquely identify each object and each of its members. This allows to change objects later on and still be able to read from bytes streams that got created with an earlier version. Its name is "Java Architecture for Binary Binding" (JABB) and the main package is info.junius.library.jabb.*

This project is open-source and stored on bitbucket: JABB
A digitally signed jar library is available on: library
Javadoc at the bottom of this page.

Please check the archive using jar-signer on the command line:

jarsigner -verify jabb_1.0.0.jar

which prints if successful: jar verified

Please send an e-mail if you get a different result: